Course Description

Swim Course: The course will be set by our swim director Paul Dribnock and will be a one loop, 1.5km (.94 mile) course marked often with buoys. The course will be marshaled by race staff and trained life guards. Typically the water is the perfect temperature to wear a wet suit and not have to worry about over-heating or being too cold. The water is completely free of current, wind, or other potential natural hazards.  Click below to download a PDF of the swim course map.
Bike Course: The bike course at the Reservoir Triathlon will be on some of the most famous biking roads in the Santa Clara Valley. The race will have gently rolling hills and one steep climb. These are the roads that members from SVTC, TRIbe, Kain Performance, Team In Training, Wolfpack, and Specialized ride on every week of the year. The course is 40km (24.8 miles) long.  Click below to download a PDF of the bike course map.
Run Course: The best part of the run course, in our opinion, is the finish. Not just because you're done with the run, but because it is typically lined on both sides of the street and into the transition area finish with the local multi sport community. Again, the course will be 10km (6.2 miles) and flat to a couple of “stride breakers” in the form of rolling hills.  Click below to download a PDF of the run course map.
Sprint Distance
Course Maps:
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Swim Course MapBike Course Map Run Course Map
Olympic Distance
Course Maps:
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Swim Course MapBike Course MapRun Course Map
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Disclaimer: In the event that weather or course conditions are deemed by Threhsold Racing staff or other permitting agency to be potentially hazardous to participants and volunteers, Threshold Racing reserves the right to briefly postpone or cancel the event outright. Cancellation of the event may take place either prior to the start of the event or at any time while the event is taking place.

A brief postponement and/or outright cancellation of the event, or any portion of the event may also take place for any other reason or situation wherein Threshold Racing feels conditions may be potentially unsafe for participants and volunteers.

The decision of the Race Director is final, there will be no refunds or deferrals for weather cancellation or cancellation of the event for any reason.